To mark the tenth anniversary of Mohammed Dib’s passing, the writer’s family took the initiative to organise a seminar in Paris on September 24, 2013. This event highlighted the need to create an association in France that can contribute to the spreading of Dib’s work.

La Société Internationale des Amis de Mohammed Dib (SIAMD) – the International Society of the Friends of Mohammed Dib – was officially created on October 4, 2014.


The association aspires to conduct activities that will make the work of Mohammed Dib better known in France and elsewhere in the world and will build up rich and varied partnerships.

  • From a scholarly point of view, the society aims to broaden the themes and scope of research.
  • It will organise once a year a cultural event linked to Mohammed Dib’s work or more specialized encounters coordinated by its scientific committee. It will initiate pedagogical youth projects also in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
  • It will engage in the bibliographic inventorising of academic studies and writings concerning the author and will co-operate internationally with literary journals, cultural associations and other institutions of interest.

In 2020 it will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mohammed Dib’s birth.

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