To mark the tenth anniversary of Mohammed Dib’s passing, the writer’s family took the initiative to organise a seminar in Paris on September 24, 2013. This event highlighted the need to create an association in France that can contribute to the spreading of Dib’s work.

La Société Internationale des Amis de Mohammed Dib (SIAMD) – the International Society of the Friends of Mohammed Dib – was officially created on October 4, 2014.


The International Society of Friends of Mohammed Dib aims to contribute to the knowledge of the work of Mohammed Dib, in France and throughout the world, through its activities:

  • On a scientific level, it aims to broaden the themes and angles of approach concerning the work through meetings, events, collaborations with journals, announced on this site.
  • An electronic Bulletin will be published twice a year from March 2024.
  • This website siamdib.com, which presents a biography, a complete bibliography and educational resources including an online anthology.

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